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If you’ve been to our website recently, you might have noticed that our website design has been changed. Here’s a quick look at what’s new, why we’re changing it up, and some “behind the scenes” resources so you can see how we built different pieces.

Time to change

When you go to our landing page, you will see new website’s information is more clear. In 2019, AD Region’s Business will focus on Design, Photography, Website Design and Website Hosting.

Besides, We will keep old website’s “Gallery” section, but it was now call “Project”. Project will define to 4 parts: Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration & Website Design. Customer can find the relative projects by click on the category name or click on tags. This means customer can search the similar project and sample project more easily.

We also create a new blog section. AD Region’s news, promotions will be publish here. We can keep in touch with you.

New functions/pages we have ADDED

  • A big banner. New promotions or News will announce here immediately.
  • We have add “File upload” section. Most of our client did not know how to upload files to us by ftp. We have create a section call “File upload”. You just simply send us files at website!
  • More links go to our 2 sub website: & and have also add links go to our 4 facebook pages.
  • we have add website share icon on pages and posts. You can share our website contents at any time you like to your facebook, tweeter, whatsapp or skype.
  • In “about us” page, We are happy to introduce our working team.
  • New website is built up by wordpress system. It let our website always up to date.

If you have any suggestion or complaint to our new website design, please contact us :

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