About Us

AD Region Company is establish in 1997. She has 2 sub website which are adregion.hk, adregion.net and 4 facebook pages.

Our business is mainly to provide Graphic Design, Photography, Website Design, Website Hosting & Solution.

www.adregion.net is website hosting company. She provide all hosting services, which is including: hosting website, register domain, SSL certificate, email box, cloud, website back up, ftp..etc.
zh.adregion.com.hk is a website which is base on www.adregion.net provide website hosting. Besides, it also provide set up website, install wordpress, website maintenance.
Fiona Woo
Graphic & Website Designer
Fiona is our designer & Website developer. She is good at ALL design stuff & can built up and design website. Her skill: coreldraw, illustrator, photoshop, dreamweaver program. Also good at built up website with wordpress & opencart system.
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Sars Mak
Sars Mak is our professional photographer. He has been work with famous brand name: BM boschmann, MGB, Delta, Artstar, Pharma Group, Tangut, JPG.
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Lemon Cheung
Photo retouching artist
Singer is AD Region Company's photo retouching artist. He can retouch 50+ photos a day. A very hard working guy.