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We are professed in commercial photography.

If you have a product that you want to promote it, then you need a professional commercial photography. Many people think that a digital camera can replace photography studio. It is a big mistake. A good digital camera however without a first-class lighting and photography technology, there will not give you a good photo. If a high-quality product only because of a low quality photo let consumers feel it is a low-priced product , how worthless it is!

We have experience at take photo with garment, home decorating, floral, books, poster, toys, electronic products, pills, medicine, food, kitchen ware, Christmas decoration, lamp, gift, stationery, cosmetic products…etc.

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photo sample
Photo sample

Our photography service including:

Product shooting, Photo retouch, web photo shooting, outdoor or indoor photo.

Indoor commercial photo attractive price: HK$150up/each shot

We also provide outdoor shooting service. We can also go to your place and take photo for your products.

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